Add Listings Examples

We offer a simple solution to adding real estate listings to your existing website. Just log in and your listings are easily accessible, no coding experience required. This is the perfect solution for real estate professionals that already have a website but do not have the knowledge or desire to make changes to their existing website. We have developed a website real estate listing system that is just plain simple.

As an added feature we have included a free property address website for ALL of your listings at no extra charge to you. When you add the listing to your website a separate mini website is automatically generated. You can either use the generated link for advertising your property or you can order a domain name from any domain provider and just forward the domain name to your listing. It’s that easy!

We currently offer a link page that can be "framed " into your website using the iframe html coding technique. This method is the absolute easiest way to add content to your existing website.

Click here for an example of the available framed pages.

Web Page Examples of our Real Estate Listing System

No technical knowledge needed!