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How to Drive Traffic to your Real Estate Website

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

One of the Best SEO Company out here said that driving traffic to your real estate website is not as hard as you might think, I think that the most difficult part about it is just dedicating a little time and thought into your website every now and then. I find that most people just want to develop their website and just leave it alone, I understand that there is not enough time in a day to be concerned with things like this but the effort that it actually takes is just a matter of having a conscious mind that your website actually can be used as a tool to generate new leads.

A couple of ways to generate new visitors to your apartment for rent mississauga offer and via your real estate website would be to a) Generate incoming links and b) Adding fresh content via new listings, a blog, or otherwise.

Generating incoming links – There are a few ways to add inbound links to your website. Read : hostgator reviews You can easily add links within web forums, commenting on blogs and other articles, directories, and link exchanges. Once again, this effort requires you to make a conscious effort to do so. Personally, I admit, adding inbound links to my website has not been my strong point. I think that the reason for my own lack of effort on this part is because you really have to be thinking about your own website while reading someone elses. My attention span just doesn’t last that long and I usually just read the information that is being offered to me and then I move on. In link building, you really need to be a part of the conversation. These days, however, Social Networking has become very popular and this has added a whole new opportunity to build incoming links. Experts in Design – Gorilla Marketing has made it much easier to be involved in a conversation and therefore offering the ability to drive traffic to your website.

Adding fresh content – I have always encouraged real estate professionals to add their listings to their website. Primarily because the results that you get from this effort are obvious. Adding the SEO agency listings to your website is an easy way to create an online brochure for your listings and allows your website visitors to learn more about any specific lisiting.
Maintaining a blog is another way of adding fresh content to your website. Blogging does require a little added effort because you actually need to write the material yourself to achieve the best results. I have found that the best and easiest blogs to write about are blogs about your local community, your profession, and of course your new listings. One of the primary reasons to add fresh content to your website is that the search engines love fresh content and new information. By adding new relevant content to your website this lets the search engines know that you really are an authority on the subject and that your website deserves a higher ranking because of this fact. Search engines are always trying to produce relevant quality information for their users and two of the best ways to tell if your information is good is by checking to see when your information was added and to see how many others are referring links to your site. Just these two factors alone will tell a lot about your site and how relevant the information is. Of course, there are many other ways to drive traffic to your site but if you would just apply a little effort in these two areas I can almost guarantee that you will see increased traffic to your website. Visit for more info.

Understanding RSS News Feeds

Friday, November 20th, 2009

RSS News Feeds are one of those things that are extremely useful and easy to use, yet I am starting to wonder if they are ever going to get the hype that they truly deserve. RSS has been around for several years and allows you to “syndicate” the content of your website out to the masses. The acronym RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”.

After spending years trying to figure what RSS is and how it works I have come to the conclusion that it is anything but simple. In fact, I have almost given up trying to figure out how it works, completely. Through time, I think that I have finally figured out the “really simple” part. Once you have the tools in place that are required to read RSS news feeds, they really do make reading your favorite content easy. For me that time came when I could start reading RSS news feeds on my mobile phone. The Internet speed for my cell phone used to be quite slow and it would take too much time and effort to load up a web page and read the news. I discovered that I was able to download an “RSS Reader” to my cell phone that all of a sudden brought the news to me much quicker and with much less effort. Cell phones have done a great job over the years of giving you access to your email and as it turns out with RSS news feeds it is just as easy. On my cell phone the RSS Reader button sits right next to my check email button, if I hit the check email button it will miraculously bring in all of my emails for me to read. The same now works for my RSS news feeds, if I hit the RSS reader button all of the newest content from my favorite websites will get sucked in. They will come in in an organized easy to read fashion and they will automatically clean up so that I do not have to delete, forward, reply, and organize the way that I do within my email client. In a way it has gotten easier to check the latest news than it is to check my email. The best part is that it is not only limited to news. I have mine set to pull in from several different content sources, sort of creating my own mini little newspaper/magazine.

I hope that this helped you understand what RSS News Feeds are. I still have no clue how it works but I can tell you that most blogging software will automatically generate an RSS news feed with every posting. This is just another reason that I have started using WordPress blogging software for ALL of my sites. Make sure you check our computer software review site.

Understanding Your Webstats

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

As a website owner you should be spending some time testing out new Search Engine Techniques and looking at you webstats to see the results of your efforts. These two tasks alone are what can make or break the successfulness of your online marketing campaign.

One of the first things that you should do when you start up a new website is to know where your stats pages are located. Most all websites these days come with some form of webstats program attached to them, make sure that you know how to access yours and make sure that it is turned on. This is a very basic start but I am often surprised at how many website owners do not know how to access their SEO stats application.

The webstats application provides you the web owner with a variety of valuable information. It tells you what pages of your website are getting looked at and when. It tells you where the traffic is coming from and where it is going to. When I first started analyzing these pages I did not really understand the true value of the information that they contained. As my websites mature with time I am able to notice the trends that are occurring. These trends are most always related to any efforts that I used to update or market my site.

My foremost concern has always been to the number of visitors that come to my website. I have always felt that a successful website should show growth in the number of visitors over time. The reason the number of visitors should increase is because this shows that the website hasn’t just sat stagnant and that some efforts have been done to increase the traffic i.e., adding new and fresh content to the site and using some link building techniques. For more info please visit :

Most webstat professionals talk a lot about conversion rates but I will save that subject for another day. I have always concentrated on increasing the number of visitors with the opinion that if I get enough visitors the sales will come. This may not bode well with my conversion rates but in order to find out the best way to increase my conversion rate, I need the traffic to do so. Learn more about search engine optimisation from Red Lion web Design Cardiff

It is important to understand the capabilities of your webstats program. There are several that are available on the market today and each one of them offers a different solution. For example, many of my websites come with the Webalizer application attached to the website, this program works great for giving me the basic information but lacks when I am looking for a more detailed view. In this instant I like to use Google Analytics, this application provides all of the information that I need to keep up to date with where my web traffic is coming from, however, the one downside to this program is that it does not provide real time information. This means that it calculates my web traffic on a nightly basis so the best results after that I can compare home insurance companies and see are yesterdays. This normally works fine but I must admit that when when you get real time information you get pretty spoiled. The information can often get addicting, knowing who is looking at your website right now and where this traffic is going. The bad thing about the real time stats programs is that they often cost real money for the application and unless you are trying to sell a lot of products instantly I have always had a hard time forking up the extra money. I have always tested out other free alternatives but I must admit that all the free alternatives have been a bit problematic with the exception of Google Analytics and JP Morgan Chase Goldman Sach which is by far my favorite.

The moral of this posting is that you should know your webstats, this is the key element that will help make your website successful.

What are Content Landing Pages?

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Now that I have my website re-do pretty much complete I need to keep my momentum going and work on my landing pages. I have read numerous articles describing landing pages but for some reason the concept never seems to sink into my brain. I am more of a show me and I will believe it kind of guy and I need to have things proven to me before I can fully understand what is going on.

I have had my website for many years now and the site has gone through several revisions. With each revision I try to freshen up the old content and add on some new information as well. In general, I try not to get rid of anything that was there before and I now have years worth of content sitting on my server that is basically collecting dust. When I do a website overhaul I usually end up with a big mess in the backend folders of my website, I always try to keep the content alive but many of the links and images get lost in the shuffle.

As the years go by I have noticed a steady flow of incoming traffic to my website that is heading into my older out of date pages. When I look at the pages that this traffic is heading to I am often embarrassed at the results that my new guests are receiving. It has gotten a little better over the years as my PHP skills have increased and I have learned a few ways to keep the fluidity of my site going. At least newcomers usually have the opportunity to head to the home page to find out more about who I am and what it is that I do, but that is about where it ends.

I have recently been attacking my statistics results with feverish desire to fix ALL of the pages that my new guests are receiving. I simply look at my stats page and start by cleaning up all of the most viewed pages, and the efforts seem to be working in a very positive way. For starters, it appears that my number of pageviews seem to be increasing and better yet my visitor stats are on the rise as well.

Things are also paying off where I am offering affiliate advertising and sales. I have come to realize that I have a lot of content on my site and many people are arriving on my site from various search terms. After reviewing some of the search terms that these people are using to come to my website I know that the services that I am offering will not be what many of these people are looking for, from there I look for other affiliates that might fill this gap.

I truely enjoy adding the relevant content to my site. I understand that the content that I add might also trigger other search terms that people are looking for in other markets. Therefore, I try to fulfill their needs and everybody seems to win. I get increased traffic to my website and many increased sales, and I try to offer a solution for the others.

Going Gaga for Google

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I have been a fan of Google for quite some time. They offer a wide variety of web tools that I really enjoy. Over the years I have tried to take full advantage of their offerings and I am often amazed at their ability to keep up with the pulse of the Internet. Here are a few of their applications that I have grown most fond of:

Google Analytics – offers a full featured web statistic program that many have reviewed as being too robust. The power behind this program is amazing and even more so is the fact that they offer most of their Dating applications for free. How do they do that?

Google Adsense – The adsense program has proven to me where Google gets their money. Adsense allows me to place Google ads onto my website and I receive a revenue percentage of every click of an ad on my website. I am grateful for the monthly checks that I receive from Google and I am often surprised to find out how much people spend on Google adwords. I know that I only get a small portion of the click but I never imagined how much my small portion could amount to. I can only imagine what Googles portion is.

Google Voice – This is one of the newer applications that is now being offered by Google. Once again Google manages to come up with a product that I never even new that I needed that is just so damn useful. Google Voice provides me with the opportunity to add on that business phone line that I always wanted and it even transcribes my voicemails and sends me a text of the transcription. Did I mention that this stuff is free!

Let’s not forget about the services that Google offers that have now become staples in our everyday life. Things like YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail.

The fun thing is that they just keep doing it over and over again. I really hope that they don’t get too greedy and create a bunch of enemies. Microsoft gets such a bad rap for this sometimes and I would hate to see this happen to the almighty Google. For now, I will just sit back and wait for my opportunity to catch the next big Wave!

The problem with Social Networking

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

I have been trying to play the search engine optimization game for years. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the only reason that you have come to this website right now is because you found it on a search engine or through some other form of social networking.

I feel that my website traffic numbers are generous considering my chosen niche, but it has required a consistent source of new content (among other things) to achieve these traffic numbers.

The one thing that seems to have taken me forever to figure out is that the content required to promote my website doesn’t just grow on trees. To make a web marketing London SEO company
work effectively you need to come up with original content. I have tried pulling in RSS feeds from other blogs but they simply do not give the traffic impact of an original blog. The problem with original content is that it requires you to become a Writer on If you would have asked me if I ever pictured myself as a Writer when I first started developing websites, I would have laughed. Truth be told, ALL social networking online requires writing skills.

These days if you have a website to promote you had better be prepared to write. With the popularity of blogs, Twitter, facebook, and now Google Wave there is one thing that is for certain, now and in the upcoming future. Writing skills are required. Brush up on your writing skills at every opportunity, as long as Social Networking remains popular, writing skills are a must.

Multiple Modes of Marketing

Friday, September 4th, 2009

These days trying to decide where to invest your marketing dollars is a pain. There are so many media outlets that are available that it becomes really hard trying to figure out which marketing effort will give you the most bang for your buck. Through my years as a web developer I have had the opportunity to work with many different kinds of people with many different kinds of ideas and they all have one thing in common; they are looking for leads. This is truly the main reason that web masters exist, we are here to assist the EAP
net community so that their voice can be heard and to try to get as many followers to support their cause as possible. Early on, I found it interesting how it seemed that I had become the portal for bringing new entreprenurial ideas to life. With that responsibility came the added fact that I also became sort of a marketing consultant to the people that I have worked with. Somewhere along the line they start figuring out that I have set up a project like theirs in the past and that I must have some inside knowledge of how the previous projects worked out. Unfortunately, the only thing that I can ever really comment on with any sort of confidence are that of my own endeavours. I have experimented with several different Internet business models myself and have come up with a few insites on the subject of creating a new business presence and tips for transferring structured settlement.
1) The most successful people that I have seen are those that are committed to their trade or idea that they are trying to present online. If you truly believe in what you are trying to do and you put forth any kind of effort into promoting your ideas you WILL get followers. The only thing that I have not totally figured out yet is how to maximize my efforts into the right balance of promotions. You can spend a lot of time on one marketing effort that would only produce one new lead where if you would put a little effort into another area of marketing you would possibly receive 10 times the leads. However, the point that I am trying to make here is that you need to at least make an effort and do so with a passion. If we talk about money then one click yahoo lending procedure is the solution for a fast loan.

2) The fact that I have an online SEO business myself makes me a little bias toward online marketing. I was drawn to the field of web design primarily because of the low cost of entry into the field and the fact that most everything that I do online usually carries a low price tag as well. I am always amazed at the fact that individuals and large corporations shell out millions of dollars on a new business idea that they don’t even know for certain if it will work. As an example, I just took a family vacation and one of the days that we were out we went to the Wet n’ Wild water park. At the end of the day I had a headache from trying to picture the pressures that the owners must have gone through to open a place like that up. Could you imagine Eric Lefkofsky using seo hamilton and investing millions into an idea like that? Obviously it is paying off for them but just the thought of being the original start up of that idea just boggles my mind. With that being said there are two totally different business ideas that require two totally different marketing efforts. The point here is that you cannot use the same marketing strategy for every scenario. I know that Wet n’ Wild has a website that I am sure is a valuable part of their marketing efforts but I can also pretty much guaranteed seo results plus that the majority of their leads are not coming directly from an Internet search. There are many media outlets that they use and each one that they try has their own expected results.

Inspired by the Personal websites design and development agency, i created this blog posting to point out the fact that I have discovered that there are several different ways to market a business. Not all marketing strategies work for all businesses but the one common thread in all successful businesses is that you need to truly believe in your product. This passion is pivotal to the success of any business. If you need a professional website designer or any SEO in Cardiff, then visit your local listings.

The revamp is complete

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

After several weeks of reworking the website I think that the re-do is finally complete.

Once a year I try to give the Websting mhelpdesk
site a complete content overhaul. There are several reasons that I do this but one of the first reasons that come to mind is the effect that a content overhaul has on my search engine results. I discovered early on that whenever I make the attempt to freshen things up on my websites that this usually results in a spike of added traffic to my site.

Prior to my yearly re-do I usually try to evaluate the search traffic that is coming to my site. I do this by closely examining the traffic stats and taking note of the top keyword traffic that I am receiving. This information can easily be attained by opening up my webstats program that is attached to my site and going directly to the “searh terms” section for each month. If all is going as planned I usually won’t see too many surprises. With any luck the keywords that are being searched to find my site are exactly what I might expect. I like to take a closer look and see how these keywords are converting into new business, usually, this is where I find that I need some help.

While I have had some candosuccess achieving my keyword goals I usually find that I could do much better on my conversion goals. This means that I am making the right decisions as to my keyword placement throughout the site but when prospective customers type my chosen keyword into Google or any other competing search engine they will click on the link that gets them to my site but once they are there they will just look around at a few pages and then leave, totally bypassing the order forms that I have worked so hard on.

The Search Engine Optimization game is a very daunting task, while you might be pretty good at one portion of the process you might need some real help at other stages in the process. Personally, I know that I have always had a little trouble converting the traffic so I give it my best shot at bringing as many visitors as I can to the site. I have always felt that if I can increase the number of visitors to the site that this will at least add a few new buying customers. However, I have long been convinced that if I could just do a better job of converting my site traffic into new customer sales that I would not need to spend so much time bringing the untargeted traffic to my site and I could spend a little more time actually producing new client websites as opposed to just generating new traffic to my site.

In an attempt to improve my conversions I have shifted my main focus back to the real estate market. My sales and marketing training has provided me with the knowledge that if I focus on a specific niche that this should help my conversion rates. Over the years I have been gradually expanding my niche to include the mortgage industry and the small business start ups. This did a pretty good job of adding some additional visitors to the site but I now feel that it just left some of the real estate prospects more than a little confused. By bringing my core focus back to real estate I feel that this will not only show prospective customers that Websting specializes in real estate related web design but this should also help to show Google and other search engines that Websting is an authority on the subject of real estate web design. My theory is that if I can get Google to send my site more specific keyword traffic that this traffic should convert to sales a little better. If Google thinks that that I am enough of an authority on the subject to increase my rankings for the real estate web design traffic then this should also be the case with prospective new clients. If new prospects think that I am an authority on the subject of real estate web design then this, in theory, will bring better conversion rates to my sales efforts.

For now, the new content overhaul is complete and the targeted traffic has increased. As for the sales conversions, only time will tell if I got it right.

I’m going with WordPress

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I have been busy slicing and dicing up templates for a few days now. I am producing a few working examples of real estate websites developed in the WordPress publishing platform. My current client portfolio consists of sites that were custom developed using another kind of bespoke software development and they lack the flexibility of WordPress. I am looking to WordPress to assist my client base by giving them the ability to keep their site up-to-date with the latest technologies and learning Read Full Report.

While there are many content management systems available, all of them require some sort of learning curve. Usually when a potential client makes a specific request for their website I try to include a content management system that will fit the needs of their request. There is usually a great option available for nearly every request, however, the time and effort required to learn how to use a new software solution can sometimes be painful. Just like with any new thing that you get, you have to learn how to use it.

I have found that real estate professionals actually working in the field really don’t have the time (or desire) to do much else than their job. Every task that they perform needs to apply to getting ahead in their business. Learning a new software program usually doesn’t qualify as “time well spent”.

In a perfect world you should already know and understand how to use the tools of the trade before you even get into business and that is the mindset that I am using to create these new templates. I have developed a system that is not only simple to use but will provide every real estate professional the opportunity to grow there website as their business grows and I am excited about this new service offering.

The key component that I am trying to achieve is flexibility. The flexibility that is required to keep up with the ever changing ways of the Internet coupled with the ever changing rules and regulations in the real estate industry has made for some challenging transitions. With the addition of using the WordPress blogging platform combined with my own real estate listing system I am able to provide my client base with a product that should easily allow them keep up with and stay ahead of their competition. Read the full Hawkhost Review for more information regarding hosting services, etc.

The new Websting site goes live!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Pardon my dust… The new Websting website went live last night complete with a slightly new look and a completely new back end. This time around I have decided to put all of my eggs into the “WordPress” basket.

Over the past several years blogging has increasingly gained popularity and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I have been playing with WordPress for a few years now on several of my experimental websites and I am quite impressed with the capabilities that this blogging platform has to offer. WordPress offers the ability to easily add new content pages, new information, and does a great job of keeping up with the latest technologies that hit the web by offering the ability to add plugins.

While the new Websting site is “live” it is far from complete. Over the next few weeks I plan on completing the empty pages and fine tuning the rest of the site. Websting web design has been developing real estate related websites since 2003. If you currently work in the real estate industry and are looking for a way to grow your business via the internet then you should look no further than Websting Web Design. Even though the official Websting website is currently going through some changes, the products and services that are offered here are completely ready to go. We are currently offering the ability to add a complete IDX/MLS web solution to your current site, single property address websites, the ability to manually add real estate listings to your current website, and we are now offering real estate websites that are maintained via the WordPress blogging platform.

If you are currently in the market for a real estate related website contact us today!